• We are hiring a Licensed Veterinary Technician! See our ad on indeed to apply
  • We are currently accepting new clients on a limited basis. We now have two full time veterinarians.
  • We have temporarily suspended ear crop surgeries. (THIS INFORMATION IS CURRENT AS OF APRIL 2024)
  • We have implemented a non- refundable deposit after second missed appointment
  • Upcoming Closures- May 25-27
    • Please contact an emergency clinic-
        • Mid-Columbia Pet Emergency Service (509) 547-3577
        • Horse Heaven Hills Pet Urgent Care (509) 581-0647
  • Starting 3/24/22 our new appointment reminder system is PetDesk. You can download the app on Google Play or the App Store.

Important Update Regarding Emergency Services (12/28/23)

As you may have already heard, Yakima Pet Emergency Services will be closing permanently after the 1st of the year.


Due to our caseload and dedication to caring for our established patients, we generally can only accommodate emergencies for established clients.


We do not currently have an after-hours on-call system in Yakima. Dr. Lust may be reached by phone to triage care and decide if an emergency warrants immediate attention. Often these can be scheduled for the next day. He will not answer his phone directly, due to the sheer number of calls. Please leave a message.  After-hours care is for established clients only. You still may be directed to a 24-hour emergency service depending on the severity of the emergency.


We offer several urgent care slots for our established clients every day. Often these slots fill up by late morning, so call early if you have an urgent care concern.

We charge an urgent care exam fee for these slots. If your pet has an immediate life-threatening condition, we will make every possible effort to provide the care you need.


At this time, our Saturday appointments are reserved for routine appointments only. We have limited staff and hours available on the weekend. We will try to accommodate urgent care appointments, but those will be accepted only on a case-by-case basis.


As of January 1, 2024 the Yakima Pet Emergency Service has closed. This leaves the next closest facility in Pasco, at Mid-Columbia Pet Emergency.

There may be cases in which we may need to transfer a pet with a serious condition from our hospital to a 24-hour facility, if the pet’s condition is unstable or requires overnight monitoring. Our veterinary hospital is not staffed overnight.

Follow this link to see updates in real time regarding Western Washington veterinary emergency wait times and who is taking patients.

If you need to self-refer to a 24-hour hospital, please see the list below or visit the previously listed Facebook page.

  1. Mid-Columbia Pet Emergency Services in Pasco, 509-547-3577
  2. Seattle Veterinary Specialists in Kirkland, 425-823-9111
  3. Pet Emergency Clinic & Referral Center in Spokane, 509-326-6670
  4. Washington State University Teaching Hospital in Pullman, 509-335-0711

-Thank you for your patience and understanding!