Upon entering our office you will find a large warm and inviting lobby. With adequate seating, and a small retail area, its size lets us display a variety of pet foods, shampoos, and leashes. Also available is a large platform scale on which you may obtain a current weight for your animal. Feel free to come in and use our scale any time.

Exam Rooms

Our clinic has three exam rooms.

Each exam room offers a clean, private, professional environment for your visit.


We maintain a complete inventory of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Vitamins, Nutritional Supplements, Flea and Tick control products, and Shampoos in order to meet the needs of your pet. We also carry a full line of Veterinary Prescription diets. We have the ability to work closely with several compounding pharmacies for those animals that may need special or hard to find medications.

Federal Law prohibits the dispensing of any legend products for which we do not have a current veterinary/patient relationship. Likewise, some medications require regular monitoring of blood work prior to dispensing.


Our digital radiology system produces almost instant images. This allows the doctor to interpret and critique the images within minutes.

Your pet may require sedation in order to be positioned correctly and painlessly. However, many images are able to be taken while your pet is awake.

There is also the option to have a board certified veterinary radiologist at Washington State University review films when advised by our doctors.


We can perform many diagnostic procedures in our well-equipped, in-house laboratory. Our state-of-the-art Idexx laboratory equipment has a large range of capabilities and can aid us in the rapid diagnosis of many medical problems. We typically run Complete Blood Counts, Blood Chemistries, Coagulation Panels, Thyroid and Phenobarbital levels, and Microscopic Exams. In those cases where results are not needed immediately, or where specialized testing is required, samples may be sent by currier to an outside diagnostic laboratory.


Our clinic utilizes a surgical laser for the majority of our surgical procedures. We offer routine OVH (spay) and neuters, aural hematoma repair surgery, and soft tissue mass removals to name a few.

Treatment Area

Our multi-purpose treatment area is where “everything” happens. Clipping, Wound Cleaning, Surgical Preparation, Treatments and Dental Cleanings. We have oxygen and anesthesia capabilities in this area also.

Retail Center

A variety of products are available for purchase at Summitview Cowiche Vet Clinic, including these brands:

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